‘AMplified with Aisha Mills’ to Highlight the Power of Black People

In Summary

The all-new prime time program ‘AMplified with Aisha Mills’ premiered tonight with a variety of special guests.   

“I am so excited to bring you a show about the power and agency of Black and Brown people,” Mills opened up her show.   

Black News Channel, the nation’s fastest-growing news network, introduced a new face to their viewers. AMplified with Aisha Mills premiered Monday night with special guests Khalil Gibran Muhammad, Elie Mystal, Sarah Cooper, Jamal Simmons and Nelini Stamp to discuss several matters.   

Muhammad, a professor of history, race and public policy at Harvard University, joined the show as Mills’ very first guest to discuss the new American majority.  

“White men are still ruling even though they are the minority,” Mills said. Muhammad points out that demographics do matter in our electoral society.   

Mystal also made an appearance on AMplified to discuss how the Black community can gain and flex political power. A political journalist, Mystal gives a glimpse of what is happening with the Supreme Court and why it’s important for the Black community to pay attention.   

“The third branch of government, the Supreme Court, is just as important as the other two,” Mystal stressed. “We don’t do the things necessary to control that branch, to make sure that our voices are heard on that branch of government.”  

Mills opened with an engaging statement about the Black community lacking political power.  

“Black and Brown people are poised to be the majority demographic in this country by 2050, maybe 2042,” the host said. “But it seems that right now we’re still getting drowned out by a shrinking white extremist minority.”  

Mills informs her audience that her show will directly cover topics that will shine a light on those who support the Black community. “I am going to amplify all the activists and advocates that are doing amazing work around this country to build power for Black people,” she emphasized. 

She is determined to amplify all the politics and policies that are impacting Black lives and is focused on using her platform to diagnose the problems.  

AMplified with Aisha Mills airs weeknights at 7 P.M on BNC.