Arizona State University Says Kyle Rittenhouse Is No Longer a Student

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ASU has confirmed that Kyle Rittenhouse is not a student anymore following the Kenosha shooting. 

Arizona State University has declared 18-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse no longer a student, which follows Rittenhouse’s clearance of all charges in the Kenosha shooting where he killed two men and injured another.  

During his testimony on Nov. 10, Rittenhouse stated that he was a college student at ASU, AZ Central reported. ASU affirmed he was enrolled as a non-degree-seeking online student during the mid-October semester. “Our records show that he is not currently enrolled,” ASU spokesperson Jay Thorne wrote in an email. “There was no action taken by the university.”  

ASU student groups have protested online demanding the school to get Rittenhouse removed from classes. An online petition was started, titled “Kyle Rittenhouse Should Not Be Allowed To Attend ASU,” which states that ASU should not let Rittenhouse attend.  

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As of Monday, the petition stood at 6,000 signatures and currently stands at over 14,700. Once the petition hits 15,000 signs, it will become one of the top signed petitions on Despite the signatures, Rittenhouse could possibly still apply for classes or a degree later down the road. “Any qualified individual can apply for admission,” Thorne wrote in an email.  

Rittenhouse plans to reapply to continue to seek a career in nursing. “Next semester that opens up, I’m going to re-enroll in those classes just so I can finish them up and pursue my career in nursing,” Rittenhouse said.  

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