Art Acevedo Removed From Miami Police Chief Role

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Once known as the Tom Brady of police chiefs, Art Acevedo has been terminated from his position leading Miami police.

Police Chief Art Acevedo has been terminated from his role as Miami’s top cop after the city commission voted unanimously to remove him.  

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According to CNN, the vote came after an hours-long hearing where witnesses were called to testify against Acevedo; this comes after he spent just six months in the position. City Manager Art Noriega told The Miami Herald that it wasn’t working with Acevedo in the role.  

“The relationship between the chief and the police department he leads – as well as with the community – has deteriorated beyond repair,” Noriega said. “Relationships between employers and employees come down to fit and leadership style and unfortunately, Chief Acevedo is not the right fit for this organization.”  

The witnesses, Human Resources Director Angela Roberts, Assistant Police Chief Armando Aguilar, Noriega and Interim Police Chief Manny Morales, were questioned on eight key issues regarding Acevedo.  

While Acevedo was allowed to defend himself and give a rebuttal, he chose not to. His lawyer John Byrne said the proceedings were not a “fair setting” and that the chief’s defense team did not have enough time to prepare for the hearing.  

The fall of Acevedo’s career intensified on Sept. 24 when he sent a memo to Mayor Francis Suarez and Noriega accusing three city commissioners of interfering with a confidential internal investigation and police reform efforts. After meetings on Sept. 27 and Oct. 1 about his behavior, Acevedo was suspended.  

Byrne said his client had “the courage to do what many of us don’t have the courage to do, which is to speak truth to power.”  

During the hearing’s closing remarks, Byrne alleged Acevedo was not suspended for the eight issues discussed but rather for the memo he sent. “It’s not right, it’s not fair, and I hope that the commissioners can come together and do the right thing,” Byrne said. “People are watching, the nation is watching, and we deserve better.”  

Noriega’s attorney Stephanie Marchman said the memo was not the reason the chief was suspended and it was instead because he failed to recognize and acknowledge the issues presented.  

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