Ben Crump: Defense Wants to ‘Assassinate’ Ahmaud Arbery’s Character

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Ahead of the trial for the men who shot and killed Ahmaud Arbery, civil rights attorney Ben Crump says the defense is attempting to smear Arbery's character with a new motion. 

WARNING – This story contains details about racial violence. Resources for those triggered by this content are available here 

The trial against the men responsible for the death of Ahmaud Arbery is set to begin on October 18, and civil rights attorney Ben Crump is speaking out against a new motion filed by the defense.  

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According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the defense team for father and son Gregory and Travis McMichael filed a motion requesting to inform the jury Arbery was on probation at the time he encountered them. 

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Crump released the following statement after learning of the new motion:  

“The defense’s attempt to assassinate the character of Ahmaud Arbery just days before the McMichaels’ and Bryan’s trial is set to begin is a cheap and blatant attempt to distract from the concrete facts of this case and the horrific actions of these defendants. It is irrelevant that Ahmaud was on probation when he was murdered because the defendants had no knowledge of that, nor would it be material if they did. What is relevant is that Gregory and Travis McMichael and William Bryan wrongfully and illegally attempted to take the law into their own hands and kill a man while recording it, seemingly for no reason other than sport.”  

The statement continued with, “The family and our legal team have faith that the court will see through this tactic and deliver Ahmaud and his family justice. If these killers get off without consequence, that sends the message that lynching Black men in 2021 carries no penalty.” 

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The McMichaels chased Arbery in a pickup truck in the Satilla Shores neighborhood of Brunswick, Georgia, in February 2020 while he was jogging. Another man, William Byran Jr., took video of the moment Arbery was shot and killed. All three men are also facing federal hate crime charges.  

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After Abery’s death, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp repealed HB479, a Civil War-era law that allowed residents to detain someone they thought committed a crime. Arbery’s mother was there as Kemp signed legislation repealing it and she later joined BNC to discuss her son’s memory.  

BNC will have coverage of the McMichaels trial, which begins Monday.  

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