Ahmaud Arbery’s sister gets a master’s degree and used moment to honor her brother

Jasmine Arbery's graduation ceremony was the same day as her late brother's birthday


Ahmaud Arbery
By: Maximillian Boudreaux

The tragic loss of Ahmaud Arbery has become a source of inspiration for the African American community. Big sister, Jasmine Arbery, recently dedicated her master’s degree to his memory.

In honor of graduating with her master’s Arbery’s sister posted a tribute to him on her social media page. Jasmine used the post to illustrate the power of dealing with setbacks in order to soar to new heights.


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“Whew! A journey is not great unless you find what you seek,” Jasmine wrote. “My journey was filled with many challenges that included working two jobs, a natural disaster, the tragic loss of my brother, a pandemic, giving birth, anxiety, grief and issues with my financial aid.”

Jasmine graduated from Albany State University with her master’s degree specializing in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. According to her Instagram message, her recent hurdles have set her up for her new career path.

Arbery went on to acknowledge, “I am proud to say those challenges equal the factors that will make an excellent therapist. I have the opportunity to offer support based on real. Life experiences.”

After Jasmine revealed what she endured to obtain the master’s degree, she chose to close out the post with a dedication to her late brother.

“I dedicate this degree to my brother #AhmaudArbery,” Jasmine wrote. “The ceremony is held on your birthday and you always believed in me! #BlackLivesMatter”