Black Amazon manager sues company for alleged racial discrimination, sexual harassment

The company told WUSA 9 that it fired the director four months after Newman filed a former complaint

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A Black tech manager at Amazon is suing the company for alleged racial discrimination and sexual harassment, according to WUSA 9.

In a lawsuit filed last month, Charlotte Newman alleged that a director for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) department placed his left hand underneath a table at dinner and touched her lap “in proximity to her genitalia” and groped her thigh, according to WUSA 9.

“Just to have someone treat you in a manner that shows clear disrespect, it’s been something that’s been very difficult to process and live with,” Newman told the station.

She also alleged that the director had begged her to go home with him to have sex, something she said she repeatedly denied, as well as yanking on one of her braids, allegedly saying, “you can leave this behind.”

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“I started ensuring I stay at a different hotel, fly at different flights intentionally and made sure I wasn’t in a private space around this individual,” she said.

Amazon told WUSA 9 that the company fired the director four months after Newman filed a former complaint.

“We do not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind,” an Amazon spokesperson told the station. “We immediately investigated Ms. Newman’s sexual harassment claim and fired her harasser. The investigation also resulted in corrective action and additional training requirements for those in her reporting line.”

Newman’s lawsuit named Amazon and three defendants.