Black Former Heinz Workers Sue for $30 Million, Allege Racist Treatment  

By: Teddy Grant

A group of Black former Kraft Heinz factory workers is suing the company for $30 million, alleging that they faced racist harassment from former supervisors and coworkers, CNN Business reported.   

Alex Horn, Lance Aytman and Keith Hooker claim that coworkers left notes calling them the n-word and had threatened to kill them if they didn’t leave their jobs at one of the company’s dairy facilities in Tulare, California.   

The men were on the receiving end of “a pattern of harassing and discriminatory behavior based upon their race,” according to the lawsuit.   

According to CNN, the men claim that their former coworkers drew swastikas on the lockers of Black employees.   

Hooker, who worked 22 years for Kraft Heinz, quit his job in May 2018. Aytman and Horn started working at the factory in 2011 but were both fired for “pretextual grounds” in 2019, per the complaint.   

“The anti-Black abuse came from peers and supervisors, who controlled whether plaintiffs would receive promotions, transfers, and raises. Not surprisingly, the supervisors passed over plaintiffs in favor of non-Black employees,” the lawsuit stated.   

A spokesperson for Kraft Heinz told CNN that the company investigated the incidents when they occurred but didn’t reveal the results of the investigation.   

“We undertook an extensive investigation, including cooperating with law enforcement, to ensure that any behavior that violated our policies, if uncovered, was put to an end,” the company told CNN. “Whenever a serious allegation such as this is made, we take immediate and swift action, including conducting a thorough investigation and implementing corrective actions if behaviors contradictory to our values are found.” 

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