Black News Channel CEO talks network revamp with Wall Street Journal


BNC, Mike Hill Pictured left to right: Mike Hill, Sharon Reed and BNC Chief Executive Officer Princell Hair

TALLAHASSEE, Florida – In an exclusive interview with the Wall Street Journal, BNC Chief Executive Officer Princell Hair spoke about the upcoming relaunch for the growing network.

Hair, who joined BNC in July 2020, has sealed distribution deals with major cable providers, such as Comcast, AT&T, DirectTV and Dish Network Corp., allowing the network to raise its potential audience to more than 52 million households.

“We’re standing on the forefront of a tremendous opportunity when you look at the stories of the past year: the pandemic, the George Floyd murder, and the ensuing civil unrest, a very contentious presidential election, record unemployment, and all of these stories disproportionally impact Black and brown communities,” Hair said.

The new lineup of shows is set to launch in March and will feature high-profile commentators including Mike Hill, Sharon Reed, Charles Blow and Marc Lamont Hill who BNC network executives believe will help give Black Americans the news they aren’t getting anywhere else.