Black publishing company highlights HBCUs in children’s book

The founder is a mother, teacher and graduate of Spelman College


Black publishin company, The HBCU Prep School, released a children's book called the ABCs of HBCUs. (Photo Credit: The HBCU Prep School)
By: Alyssa Wilson

In many children’s books, the H stands for happy, but in a new one by a Black publishing company, the H stands for Howard, Hampton, Homecoming and the Halftime Show. 

The HBCU Prep School is a publishing and education company that “amplifies Black voices and Black joy in children’s literature.” 

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The company strives to teach children about Black History beyond the topics of slavery and segregation. 

The founder, Claudia Walker, is a mother, teacher, and graduate of Spelman College. With an understanding of the importance of education and representation, she founded the HBCU Prep School. 

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Walker said it wasn’t until she attended an HBCU that she understood the “fullness of Black history.” 

After being inspired by her experiences as both a student and teacher, the company was launched to empower stories of the Black experience at home and in the classroom. 

Walker’s debut book, The ABCs of HBCUs, was released in December 2020. 


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The book includes information about 55 HBCUs and all Divine Nine organizations. 

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