Black Quadruplets Graduate From Yale Together

By: Alyssa Wilson

In 2017, Aaron, Nick, Zach and Nigel Wade left Ohio to attend Yale University together. The esteemed quadruplets, known to many in their high school as the “Wade Quads,” were ready to embark on a journey not as a group, but as individuals.  

“We grew up in this town where we had always existed as ‘The Quads’ of the Wade brothers. But when we got to Yale, it was very much small fish in a big pond,” Aaron said. “Nobody really knew who we were. I feel that when people met me at Yale, they met Aaron Wade, as opposed to one of the quadruplets.”  

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Four years later, the 22-year-old Yale graduates reflected on their time at the Ivy League University. They told PEOPLE about their experience in Connecticut, saying their interests in different areas allowed them to build their own identities. During their time at the institution, only two of the four brothers ever had the same class.  

When they arrived on campus, they asked to be placed at four different residential colleges among the university’s fourteen. This allowed each of them to find their own personal interests and prosper as individuals.  

“I wouldn’t just be walking on the street and just be like, ‘Oh hey, there’s my brother,’” Aaron said. “When that happened, I would be shook. I’d be like, ‘Oh my God, I completely forgot that you go to this school.'” 

Nick, who majored in political science with a minor in Arabic, worked with refugees and immigrants. He now works at Goldman Sachs in New York City. Aaron graduated with a double major in computer science and psychology. He will stay at Yale for one more semester to do his senior thesis before moving to New York City to work for Google.  

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With a degree in economics and chemical engineering, Zach is off to the West Coast, where he will do investment banking for Goldman Sachs in San Francisco. Nigel, who received a degree in molecular, cellular and developmental biology, is staying in New Haven for a two-year research program to study Parkinson’s disease before he applies to medical school.  

With a connection rooted in sharing a womb and an alma mater, Aaron, Nick, Zach and Nigel are proud to cheer each other on in the future. “For a long time, it felt like we were all a singular collective unit of a protagonist in the same show,” Aaron said. “Now, oh my God. I just get to sit back and flip through the channels in each of my brother’s lives and be like, ‘Whoa, he’s doing this and this.’ It was just cool to brag like, ‘Oh, I have three brothers, and they’re all so smart and talented.'”  

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