BNC Exclusive: R. Kelly’s Brother Defends Him, Says Accusers Are Lying

In Summary

Carey Kelly spoke exclusively with BNC to express his feelings about his brother's ongoing sex trafficking trial. 

WARNING – This story contains details some may find distressing.  

As the trial for singer R. Kelly continues, the singer’s younger brother says accusers are lying and the charges should be dropped.  

The charges Carey Kelly’s older brother is facing include kidnapping, forced labor, sex trafficking, racketeering and violating the Mann Act, according to CNN. Prosecutors allege the 54-year-old R&B singer ran a criminal enterprise that provided him with young girls to have sex with.  

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Carey Kelly and other members of his family have been in court this week listening to the testimonies from accusers. He spoke exclusively with BNC about what it’s been like listening to the court proceedings. “I decided to come out because I’ve been hearing a lot of different things and I wanted to come see for myself,” he said. “I’m glad that I did come. At the end of the day that’s my brother. I’m here to support him and I love him.”  

He alleges that his brother’s accusers are lying. “I got a chance to see the lies that these people told in the court of law under oath,” he said. “It changed the whole game for me to be able to see that with my own eyes.” When asked about what he thought would happen, he said the charges against his brother should be dropped because “they are lying on him.”  

In addition to feeling for his brother, Carey Kelly said he is also being attacked in relation to his brother’s accusations. “I’m being attacked at a lower level of this. So I can just only imagine his level is like 100,000 times mine. I don’t have the money or the fame that he has and I’m being attacked by women, kids’ mothers, things of that nature.” He thinks the attacks he’s facing have allowed him to experience what his brother is going through.  

The comments Carey made outside of court differ from things he has said in the past. Two years ago, he had a much different perspective when speaking about his brother in a CBS interview. When asked if his brother was a pedophile, Carey said, “I mean, I can’t honestly say that for sure. I just know that he has a problem with control. I love my brother, but he do have a problem. And if anybody out there love him, they should want to see him get help.”  

If you or someone you know is struggling from trauma triggered by this story, resources are available here.  

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