Boulder shooting: Suspect to be held without bail, faces 10 counts of murder

By: Alyssa Wilson

The suspected gunman at a supermarket in Boulder, Colo. that left 10 people dead, Ahmad Alissa, will be held without bail, judge Thomas F. Mulvahill ruled Thursday.

Judge Mulvahill also granted the defense’s motion to delay the next hearing for two to three months to assess Alissa’s mental health, according to the Washington Post. 

Alissa faces ten counts of first-degree murder and the charge of attempted murder was added after a Boulder police officer said the suspect shot at him and missed.

BNC legal expert Candace Kelley said more charges could be added as more information is revealed from the investigation.

The suspect in the Boulder shooting that claimed the lives of ten people is set to be arraigned Thursday. 

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The 21-year-old, identified as Ahmad Alissa, faces ten counts of first-degree murder. 

According to CNN, Alissa may have been suffering from mental illness. 

His brother, Ali Alissa, said in high school, bullies made fun of his brother for being Muslim and it may have contributed to him becoming “anti-social.” 

BNC Legal Correspondent Candace Kelley joined Start Your Day with Sharon Reed and Mike Hill to discuss the judge’s request for Alissa to appear in person despite the COVID-19 pandemic. 

According to the Denver Channel, top-level investigators from federal agencies are also working on the case.

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The ten victims have been identified as 20-year-old Denny Stong, 23-year-old Neven Stanisic, 25-year-old Rikki Olds, 49-year-old Tralona Bartkowiak, 59-year-old Suzanne Fountain, 51-year-old Teri Leiker, 61-year-old Kevin Mahoney, 62-year-old Lynn Murray, 65-year-old Jody Waters and 51-year-old Boulder Police Officer Eric Talley.

This is a developing story that will be updated.

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