California and New York Require Government Workers to Get COVID-19 Vaccine

This news highlights the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t over yet. The increase in COVID-19 cases is in large part due to the Delta variant, which is the most infectious coronavirus variant. As a result, all 50 states have seen an uptick in cases. 

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According to the COVID Data Tracker, 83.2% of the recent cases in America are due to the Delta variant. To make things worse, hospitalizations are on the rise, as almost all of the deaths are among the unvaccinated. 

So, in response to this dire situation, two of the most populated states, California and New York, decided to do something drastic. They will require their government workers to get the COVID-19 vaccine or get weekly tests in an attempt to slow the spread. Recently in New York City, they passed a mandate requiring their health care workers in hospitals and clinics to be vaccinated. 

“So, we’re gonna to keep climbing this ladder and adding additional measures as needed. Mandates and strong measures whenever needed to fight the Delta variant. Number one way to fight it is get vaccinated,” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said at his media availability. 

In California, they will also demand its employees and health care workers to get tested or get vaccinated. The recent rise in COVID cases caused Los Angeles County to reinstate its mask mandate even for those who are vaccinated. 

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“We’re experiencing a pandemic of the unvaccinated. Everyone that can get vaccinated—should,” California Governor Gavin Newsom tweeted. 

According to the Our World in Data website, 48.75% of people in the United States are fully vaccinated. 

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