California Gov. Newsom Calls For Police Reform


Photo/Steven Styles-Belator Media
By David Johnson/BNC Digital Reporter

California Gov. Gavin Newsom stated he was “inspired” from seeing peaceful protests, and vocalized the rights of peaceful protest.

“Protesters have the right not to be harassed, and Protesters have the right to protest peacefully. Protesters have the right to do so without being arrested, gassed, or shot at by projectiles” , said Newsom.

Newson also added that some are being denied those rights.

Though the California Highway Patrol and National Guard have separate procedures over how fto enforce to protect the peace, local municipalities have different approaches, and those need to be standardized, Newsom said.

The governor said he was immediately directing police officer training to end the training of the “carotid hold,” aka a stranglehold. He also said he would support and sign a law that has just been introduced in the Legislature by Assembly member Mike Gipson to end that practice in California.

Newsom stated the state will work with journalists, advocates, and law enforcement to communicate how the state engages with protesters.

California joins Minneapolis in advocating for legislature that reforms police regulation.