California Governor shuts down the state

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California Governor Gavin Newsom orders state residents to shelter in place as the state is officially on lockdown. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

BREAKING NEWS– The nations third largest state with more than 40 million residents has been offically been on lock down and all residents have been order to stay home. The order was announced Thursday evening by Governor Gavin Newsom that all residents are to remain in their homes as much as possible to prevent further spread of the coronavirus.

Earlier in the evening the Mayor Los Angeles County, Eric Garcetti ordered all 10 million residents in his county to remain home and not leave unless necessary.

(Jim Wilson/ New York Times)

The order would remain in effect until April 19.

California is one the worst affected states along with Washington and New York with over 900 reported cases and 19 deaths according to CNN.

“Tonight our responsibility is to save as many lives and flatten that curve” said Mayr Garcetti.

Non-essential business will close and citizens are encouraged not to leave their homes unless absolutely necessary.