California is attempting to correct the effects of slavery with the launch of reparations task force

The first-in-the-nation committee, a nine-member task force assembled by Governor Gavin Newsom, will prepare an apology to Black Californians and suggest steps that may make up for discriminatory policies. The reparations could include issuing direct payments to the descendants of enslaved people or passing laws to close racial disparities.

“It might mean free college at our CSU and our UC systems to African Americans. It might be zero down payment for first-time African American homeowners. We know they have the biggest challenge in homeownership, not only in California but across this nation,” according to State Senator Steven Bradford, a Gardena Democrat and member of the reparations committee.

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State Legislators and Newsom are pitching the idea of setting aside $200 million to ease the process of homeownership for first-time buyers and low-income Californians.

The state Legislature would like to siphon $115 million annually into community-based health equity and racial justice efforts. They also proposed investing $63 million into California reducing Disparities Project.

California Health Groups balked at Newsom’s budget proposal for its “unfortunate absence of investments towards health equity.”

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