California lawmakers may require HS students to take ethnic studies class

The bill's author said this is a necessary step in the right direction.



California legislators on Wednesday are considering making ethnic studies a required course for students by the end of the decade after it passed a model curriculum for the course.  

High school students in the state would be required to take the course for at least a single semester to graduate, according to KNX10.70 News Radio.  

Assemblymember Jose Medina, who authored the bill, said that this is a needed step in the right direction.  

“As we’ve seen civil unrest and racial tension rise across this nation, California has prided itself on being a progressive beacon,” Medina said.  

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The bill was not without its detractors, as at least one committee member felt that it promoted division.  

“I simply do not think that when we have a curriculum that is inspiring that kind of division, it’s appropriate at all for us to force every student in CA to take it,” Assemblymember Kevin Kiley told the station.  

The committee approved the bill, according to KNX10.70.