Charles Blow on Caitlyn Jenner supporting a transgender athlete ban for girl sports

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Caitlyn Jenner 9 November 2017; Caitlyn Jenner, Olympian & Advocate of Transgender Rights, on Centre Stage during day three of Web Summit 2017 at Altice Arena in Lisbon. Photo by David Fitzgerald/Web Summit via Sportsfile https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/deed.en

Charles Blow sits down with Raquel Willis, writer and transgender activist and consultant at GLAAD, on Caitlyn Jenner, adopting the view that transgender athletes should be banned from girl sports. Jenner, who revealed she was transgender in 2015, is running for governor of California as a Republican.

“There are trans-Republicans. As someone who’s vying for office, it only makes sense that she’s trying to court republican leaders with her values,” Willis tells Blow. “She’s the perfect case study of why we have to get beyond the lauding people for their identifies when they run for office.”

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