Dak Prescott Credits Fans for Throwing Trash at Refs in Playoff Loss

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Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott thought fans were throwing objects at the players, but changed his tune when her learned the intended target. 

A hefty fine is likely going to be hurled at Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott the same way fans uncorked heaps of trash onto the field. 

But the fans had a target after the Cowboys 23-17 loss to the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Wild Card Round on Sunday at the AT&T Stadium. The game had one of the most bizarre endings in playoff history, and Prescott was still heated. 

Prescott originally thought fans were throwing thrash at his teammates, but when he learned fans were throwing thrash at the officiating crew, the $160 million quarterback said, “A credit to them.” 

A video surfaced of the thrash throwing, which showed the officials running into the tunnels. Cowboys defensive end Demarcus Lawrence was behind the officials and blocked a thrown object with his helmet. 

“That s— was aimed at the refs. … It had nothing to do with me,” Lawrence said. 

The game got wacky towards the end, which ignited the post-game emotions. Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy called a QB draw with 14 seconds on the clock and no timeouts. Prescott snapped the ball and ran for 17 yards. 

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As Prescott attempted to spike the ball to stop the clock, one of the game officials, Ramon George, bumped into Prescott and tried to squeeze in between the linemen to get out of the way. 

After the chaotic 14 seconds, time expired. The game was over. 

Per NFL rules, a referee has to touch the ball first in a hurry-up situation. 

McCarthy defended the play call. 

“That was the best option,” the coach said. 

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