Dave Chappelle Unbothered as LGBTQ+ Advocates Push Netflix to Pull Special

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LGBTQ+ organizations want both Dave Chappelle and his recent “transphobic” Netflix special canceled, a request among many that the comedian doesn’t seem to be the least bit concerned about. 

It appears the Dave Chappelle controversy is far from over, because LGBTQ+ advocacy groups GLAAD and the National Black Justice Coalition are calling out the comedian and Netflix for “ridiculing trans people,” per Variety’s J. Kim Murphy

Chappelle sent the LGBTQ+ community, especially transgender people, into a cancel culture frenzy following offensive and explicit jokes in which he defended derogatory comments from rapper DaBaby and Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling, as well as referenced trans women’s lady parts as “Beyond P—y or Impossible P—y.” The comedian also referred to himself as “Team TERF,” which stands for “trans-exclusionary radical feminist.” 

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In true Chappelle fashion, he addressed the criticism on Thursday after a screening of his new documentary about the summer camp he founded in his Ohio hometown, per Decider’s Abby Monteil. He is unconcerned with cancel culture. 

“If this is what being canceled is about, I love it. I don’t know what to tell you, except I’m a bad motherf—–,” adding, “This is the kindness conspiracy.” 

His strong demeanor and even thicker skin are likely to bring him through this ordeal as the advocacy organizations put major efforts into having the special removed. 

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“Dave Chappelle’s brand has become synonymous with ridiculing trans people and other marginalized communities,” said GLAAD, which was created as a protest against libelous coverage of LGBTQ+ people. “Negative reviews and viewers loudly condemning his latest special is a message to the industry that audiences don’t support platforming anti-LGBTQ diatribes. We agree.” 

The National Black Justice Coalition, a civil rights advocacy group serving Black members of the LGBTQ+ community, evidently agrees and has requested the special be removed off Netflix. In fact, NBJC Executive Director David Johns found Netflix’s choice to allow the “lazy and hostile transphobia and homophobia” special air on its platform “deeply disappointing.” 

“With 2021 on track to be the deadliest year on record for transgender people in the United States—the majority of whom are Black transgender people—Netflix should know better,” NBJC Executive Director David Johns said in a statement. “Perpetuating transphobia perpetuates violence. Netflix should immediately pull ‘The Closer’ from its platform and directly apologize to the transgender community.” 

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Referencing Chappelle’s “joke” that left little possibility for overlap between the Black and queer communities, Johns said Black LGBTQ+ and same gender folks exist, and always have. 

He added, “The fight against oppression is not a zero-sum game, and the pervasiveness of white supremacy in the United States is not an excuse for homophobia or transphobia.”

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