Democratic National Committee Targeting Black, Brown Voters

By: Alyssa Wilson

A new team launched by the Democratic National Committee will focus its efforts on attracting Black and Brown voters ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.  

This is being done in an effort to maintain political power, according to The Philadelphia Tribune. Officials with the Coalitions & Community Engagement department said the focus would be on partnering with organizers in specific communities to reach voters of color. In addition, it will also identify and develop future leaders who can serve as diverse political candidates for the Democratic party.  

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The new initiative comes at a time when Democrats and civil rights leaders face a battle to protect access to fair and free elections through voting rights. Multiple Republican-led states, including Georgia, Arizona and Florida, have passed legislation that makes it harder for some to vote.  

Brencia Berry, the program’s director, said President Joe Biden’s victory showed the country the power Black voters have in electing Democrats. “We recognize that voters of colors are not a monolith. And to do real outreach we have to ensure we are talking to people in a way that makes them feel heard and seen,” she said.  

Looking inward, the Democratic National Committee will work to diversify its staff to enable it to be more supportive for Black and Brown employees. To help facilitate this change, Tamara Chrisler was hired to serve as the Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.  

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Sam Cornale, the Executive Director of the Democratic National Committee, said the expansion is about meeting the moment. “The fight for 2022 will live or die on our ability to message and organize voters key to rebuilding the Biden coalition, especially voters of color and younger voters. Our team keeps getting stronger, and come 2022, our deep experience and early investments will help to ensure our party builds on our successes.” 

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