Democratic Republic of Congo hit with more than 90 earthquakes after volcano eruption

By: Alyssa Wilson

Officials in the Democratic Republic of Congo reported 92 earthquakes in 24 hours on Saturday, days after the Mount Nyiragongo volcano erupted.  

“There were 92 earthquakes and tremors in the last 24 hours. Only four were felt by humans, the rest were only picked up by instruments,” military governor of North Kivu, Constant Ndima, said.  

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According to CNN, the volcano is 11,500 feet high and sits 15 kilometers away from Goma, a city with a population of 670,000. The first explosion killed at least 31 people, and nearly 400,000 fled the city.  

Concern grows as lava continues to move toward Lake Kivu. If it reaches the body of water, it can cause a limnic eruption that could project debris from the lake and create a toxic gas.  

After the volcano eruption and subsequent earthquakes, armed attackers killed 49 people in the country’s eastern Ituri province, the Associated Press reported. The violence continued at a camp for displaced residents in Bahema-Boga where 29 were killed, Gaston Babunya, the administrative secretary of the area, announced. “Before leaving, they also set fire to seven vehicles and several shops,” he said. More than twenty others were killed in Banyali-Tchabi, including many women and children.  

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