Derek Chauvin trial juror says ex-cop showed no remorse 

One of the jurors in the Derek Chauvin trial said that the former cop showed no remorse during the trial for murdering George Floyd.   

Speaking to CNN, Brandon Mitchell said that Chauvin’s demeanor changed from confidence to confusion as more witnesses took the stand for the prosecution.   

“As the case went on, his demeanor kind of changed to more of a confused look as this isn’t how it’s supposed to go,” Mitchell said. “I didn’t see any remorse.”  

The 31-year-old basketball coach said the trial was stressful and the images shown in court bothered him.   

“It was just dark. It felt like every day was a funeral and watching someone die every day,” Mitchell said. “It was tense every day. I wasn’t nervous, but it was stressful. It was a lot of pressure.” Mitchell is the first juror that deliberated in the trial to speak publicly following the high-profile case.  

Along with 11 other jurors, Mitchell found Chauvin guilty of second -and third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter for killing Floyd in May 2020.   

Floyd’s death ignited a global movement and reckoning over police bias and racism.   

Mitchell said that expert witness pulmonologist Dr. Martin Tobin’s testimony was instrumental in convicting Chauvin. During the trial, Tobin detailed how Floyd died when Chauvin pressed his knee into his neck.   

“We haven’t seen an outcome like this on a case. I really think this is a start and I think it’s a good start,” he said. “And then, all the attention that it is still getting. Just keeping that magnifying glass there has to spark some kind of change.”

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