DOJ Won’t Pursue Charges on Officer Who Shot Jacob Blake 7 Times

In Summary

The Justice Department announced they would not pursue federal criminal civil rights charges against the Kenosha Police Department officer who permanently damaged Jacob Blake after shooting him seven times.  

Kenosha police officer Rusten Sheskey shot Jacob Blake in the back seven times on August 23, 2020.  

Because of the shooting, Blake, 29, is paralyzed from the waist down.  

Despite the shooting, the Justice Department announced Friday they would not pursue federal criminal civil rights charges against Sheskey.  

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The DOJ made the decision based on a lack of evidence to prove Sheskey intentionally used excessive force.  

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Blake may have survived the shooting, but he doesn’t feel like he’s alive.  

“I really don’t feel like I have survived because it could happen to me again,” Blake said the CNN a year after the shooting. “I have not survived until something has changed.”  

Federal prosecutors reviewed the evidence from the Civil Rights Division and the US Attorney’s Office. The offices reviewed the evidence to determine if Sheskey violated any federal laws, such as federal criminal or civil rights statutes, prohibiting certain types of official misconduct.  

After the conclusion of their review, the DOJ said the offices found insufficient evidence to prove that Sheskey willfully used excessive force beyond a reasonable doubt.  

The review has been closed without federal prosecution. 

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