Fans Try To Free ‘Star Trek’s’ Nichelle Nichols From Conservatorship

In Summary

Fans of actress Nichelle Nichols have urged a Los Angeles court to end her conservatorship, alleging abuse at the hands of her son.  

A group of supporters of the #FreeBritney movement was outside a Los Angeles courthouse on Monday, demanding that actress Nichelle Nichols’ conservatorship ends, BuzzFeed News.   

“Free Nichelle Nichols!” “Isolation is abuse!” “Hey hey, ho ho, the conservatorship has got to go!” supporters who fought to end pop star’s Britney Spears from her conservatorship were heard chanting.   

Nichols, who starred in the iconic Star Trek playing Lt. Nyota Uhura, has been under conservatorship since 2018 authorized by her son Kyle Johnson, according to reports. She reportedly is suffering from dementia.   

Fans of Nichols, 89, believe that she’s facing abuse under the conservatorship now that Johnson has control over her finances, where she lives and who she sees.   

“We’re going to do whatever we can to shed light on the issue and to make sure that there’s lasting change for not just Britney, not just Nichelle, but everyone who is trapped in this corrupt system,” Kevin Wu, a #freeBritneyLA organizer, told the publication.   

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Nichols was one of the first Black women on a major TV show. She reportedly wanted to walk away from her role as Uhura in Star Trek, but after meeting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. she changed her mind, according to the Times.  

Her former manager Gilbert Bell and a friend, Angelique Fawcette, both entered a legal fight against Johnson, opposing him being her conservator, The Los Angeles Times reported in 2021.   

Johnson claimed in his petition to be his mother’s conservator that he sought it because Nicholas would be susceptible to being exploited because of her dementia. He claimed in his filing that Bell “exerted his undue influence and took control over Ms. Nichols’ assets and personal affairs.”   

According to the LA Times, Fawcette asked for visitation rights and for Nichols to stay in her LA home. Johnson reportedly moved Nichols to New Mexico in 2020.   

A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge rejected Fawcette’s legal claim against Johnson, saying the conservatorship is now under New Mexico jurisdiction.   

“I’d be damned if this is my last stand for Nichelle Nichols,” Fawcette said outside the courthouse, per BuzzFeed. “Whether you are white, Black, Latino, Asian, American Indian, Persian, no matter what you are, you have roots in the soil. And you have a right to stand up for yourself and you have a right to stand up for your family and your friends.” 

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