Fantasia hospitalized due to possible pregnancy complications

Pregnancy complications are increased for women color throughout the U.S.


Fantasia Barrino pregnancy complications Courtesy: Wikipedia
By: Norman Dotson Jr./BNC Digital

Grammy award-winning singer Fantasia Barrino shared that at six months pregnant she began experiencing contractions and is in the hospital.

On Monday, the singer updated her fans via social media explaining her current condition and that she remains in good spirits.

“Good morning. We’ve been in the hospital all day,” she said in a video on her Instagram Stories. “We have to stay in the hospital for a while. My baby girl thinks she’s missing something out here, but she’s got to stay in here a little longer.”


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Fantasia has been very transparent about past struggles when it came to fertility. According to BET.com, during a special guest appearance on The Tamron Hall Show Fantasia said that it had actually taken her years to conceive naturally.

“At first, we thought we were going to have to do different things,” Fantasia revealed. “This is a three-year journey we’ve been on.”

The former American Idol winner is not alone when it comes to a complicated pregnancy journey.

According to the American Progress, maternal mortality affects U.S. women from all backgrounds however the survival rates for African American mothers and their infants are dismal.

The report says the U.S. has the highest maternal and infant mortality rates among comparable developed countries. Structural racism in health care and social service delivery means that African American women often receive poorer quality care than white women.

“It means the denial of care when African American women seek help when enduring pain or that health care and social service providers fail to treat them with dignity and respect,” the report read. “These stressors and the cumulative experience of racism and sexism, especially during sensitive developmental periods, trigger a chain of biological processes, known as weathering, that undermine African American women’s physical and mental health.”