Father searching for answers after daughter’s hair was cut by classmate, teacher

A Michigan father is speaking out after his 7-year-old daughter’s hair was cut by a white classmate and white library teacher on two separate occasions. 

Jimmy Hoffmeyer, whose daughter Jurnee is biracial, said he is considering moving her out of Mount Pleasant Public Schools and into a private school, ABC News reported. 

The first incident took place on March 24 and Jurnee came home with her hair cut on one side by a classmate on the school bus. 

After having her hair cut asymmetrical to fix it, Hoffmeyer said Jurnee’s hair was cut again by a teacher two days later. 

He joined Start Your Day with Sharon Reed and Mike Hill to discuss his frustration with school officials. 

Hoffmeyer said he has been searching for answers since the incident took place in March. 

The principal said the most that could happen is a note about the incident in the teacher’s work file and a conversation with the parents of the student who cut Jurnee’s hair the first time. 

“It makes us feel like we are not important,” Hoffmeyer said. 

According to ABC News, Hoffmeyer filed an incident report with the Mount Pleasant Police Department, but no one contacted him to follow up on the complaint. 

District Superintendent Jennifer Verleger contacted the family offering cards that said, “I’m sorry.” 

She also released a statement to ABC News saying: 

“Regardless of their good intentions, these actions were unacceptable and show a lack of judgment on the part of our two employees,” Verleger said in a statement.” Both are being reviewed for further disciplinary actions in accordance without school policies and procedures.”

Hoffmeyer is now working with the National Parents Union, which advocates improving the quality of life for children.

He plans to have someone install box braids in Jurnee’s hair to help restore her confidence.  

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