Flights Canceled, Power Outages as Winter Storm Slams East Coast

In Summary

A winter storm consisting of snow, rain and sleet canceled thousands of flights, destroyed homes and has left many people without power.  

A powerful winter storm in the East Coast and the South has forced airlines to cancel over 1,200 flights on Monday, CNN reported.  

Additionally, U.S. airlines canceled 3,000 flights on Sunday, adding on to the 20,000 U.S. flights airlines were forced to cancel in the last few weeks, particularly during the hectic holiday travel season.  

“This weekend’s winter storm is expected to have a significant impact on our operation, especially at Charlotte International Airport,” American Airlines told CNN in a statement.  

North Carolina’s Charlotte Douglass International Airport has seemingly been the most impacted. American Airlines canceled more than 400 flights from its hub there on Monday, with 85 delays.  

Rain, snow and sleet hit parts of North and South Carolina, Georgia and Virginia ahead of the MLK Day holiday weekend. According to CNN, governors of those states issues states of emergencies.  

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The bad weather also left 230,000 customers without power in the eastern part of the country, according to the New York Times.  

“This storm is going to be pretty significant in terms of generating travel impacts, outages and things of that nature,” Rich Otto, a meteorologist with the Weather Service, told the Times.  

Two people reportedly died Sunday in North Carolina after a vehicle drove off the road into trees, NBC News reported.  

The storms even stretched down to Florida, resulting in 700 tornadoes destroying over two dozen homes in a Florida county in the Gulf Coast.  

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