Florida GOP Introduces Texas-Style Abortion Ban Legislation

In Summary

Rep. Webster Barnaby filed an abortion bill , which would fine doctors $10,000 per abortion performed. 

Florida Republican Rep. Webster Barnaby is intent on bringing similar, Texas-style abortion restrictions to Florida after filing a new bill on Wednesday, NBC News reported.  

Much like the recent Texas bill, the bill would prohibit abortions at six weeks, although many women aren’t even aware of their pregnancy that early on.  

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This new legislation calls for doctors to be charged a minimum of $10,000 for each abortion performed and it would give people permission to sue any individual who contributes to the end of a pregnancy.  

“This gross excuse of a bill attacks women and birthing people who are seeking an abortion before they even know they are pregnant,” Democratic Rep. Anna Eskamani said in a statement. “It also attempts to mimic Texas by creating a process for civil action towards those that help someone in Florida end a pregnancy after six weeks.”

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The new bill has altered Florida’s abortion law language. Instead of calling a baby inside the womb a fetus they refer to it as an “unborn child.” 

Texas’s abortion law took effect legally on September 1, 2021, making it illegal to abort a pregnancy as early as six weeks.  

The new law can now be enforced by private citizens’ lawsuits instead of the government. This Texas bill even allows people outside of the state to sue an abortion provider or individual who helps someone get an abortion after six weeks. Individuals can be sued for up to $10,000 for every abortion per defendant.

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