Florida Man released after serving 30 years for crimes he did not commit

By: Norman Dotson Jr./BNC Digital

A Black Florida man who had been incarcerated for 30 years for crimes he did not commit was released from prison almost three years after his conviction was overturned.

Crosley Green was convicted in 1990 by an all-white jury and sentenced to death for killing a 22-year-old Florida man even though there was no physical evidence linking him to the crime.

According to a CBS News report, federal Judge Roy B. Dalton granted a motion from Green’s attorneys asking for his immediate release, citing the coronavirus pandemic, health issues and the reversal of his conviction.

In denying Florida’s request to keep Green incarcerated, Dalton cited the pandemic and the length of time Green has remained in prison and noted that he was a “model prisoner, ” per CBS.

“Additionally, the public has a strong interest in the release of a prisoner whom the Court has found to be incarcerated in violation of the Constitution,” Dalton wrote, adding that Green “poses no danger to public safety.”

According to Yahoo News, Green’s attorneys, Keith Harrison and Jeane Thomas accuse the prosecution of using faulty evidence and pressuring witnesses when prosecuting the murder of Charles “Chip” Flynn in 1989.

Green was arrested and charged with kidnapping, robbery and murder, despite the lack of evidence. Green said he was at a party at the time of the killing.

Dalton ruled that Green will stay with a family member and be on house arrest pending the appeal’s outcome, Yahoo News reported.

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