Florida Woman Pleads Guilty for Threatening to Kill VP Kamala Harris

In Summary

The 39-year-old woman from Florida pleaded guilty to a six-count indictment, including charges of threats against United States Vice President Kamala Harris.

A Florida woman who accepted $53,000 to carry out a hit against United States Vice President Kamala Harris has pleaded guilty to a six-count indictment on Friday. 

Niviane Petit Phelps, 39, is scheduled for sentencing on November 19. She faces up to five years in federal prison for threatening to kill the Vice President. 

According to the indictment, on February 13, 2021, Phelps filmed two 30-second video recordings threatening to kill Harris. 

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In the video, Phelps said, “Kamala Harris you are going to die. Your days are already numbered. Someone paid me $53,000 just to f— you up.” In the second video, Phelps said, “Kamala Harris put a dime on me. I put a f—–g dime back on her. $53,000, that’s your f——g number. 

On February 14, 2021, Phelps recorded herself making two more videos threatening to kill Harris.  

“Kamala Harris, you gonna f—–g die b—h. Okay? If I see you in the street, I’ma kill yo a–, Kamala Harris.” 

Phelps applied for a concealed weapon permit two days later. 

Phelps, who is Black, told investigators she threatened Harris because she does not believe Harris is Black. Harris’ parents were Indian and Jamaican immigrants who met in California. 

Phelps also told law enforcement that before sending the videos to her husband, she knew someone else could see them and thought to herself, “You know what? Here goes nothing. I don’t care.”  

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