Frustrations Rise as US COVID-19 Deaths Top 700K a Year Into Pandemic

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Sadly, the number of coronavirus deaths in the United States has topped 700,000 since the outbreak began—a milestone that experts believe could have been avoided with proper care and vaccinations. 

Despite the widespread availability of immunizations, the reported COVID-19 related death toll in the United States surpassed 700,000 on Friday, a little over a year and a half into the pandemic, per The Associated Press

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Since the middle of June, the virus has killed approximately 17,000 Floridians and 13,000 Texans, making them the states with the highest death tolls, per AP. Although the two states only account for 15% of the country’s population, they have accounted for more than 30% of the country’s COVID-19 deaths since the 600,000 mark.

ABC News’ Arielle Mitropoulos reported approximately 1,500 Americans are dying from the virus every day. 

“To heal we must remember, and as our nation mourns the painful milestone of 700,000 American deaths due to COVID-19, we must not become numb to the sorrow,” President Joe Biden said in a statement on Friday. “On this day, and every day, we remember all those we have lost to this pandemic and we pray for their loved ones left behind who are missing a piece of their soul.” 

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President Biden recently outlined a six-point plan to tackle COVID-19 and help everyone get back to normal. Among the steps includes ensuring all Americans are vaccinated, raising testing and mask requirements, safeguarding economic recovery, and improving COVID-19 patient care. 

At least 175 million Americans have been fully vaccinated under his tenure, with the president calling out state governors and elected officials who have undermined his life-saving actions. 

In his statement, the president once again urged Americans to get vaccinated.  

“It can save your life and the lives of those you love,” he added. 

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According to a Reuters tally, the United States leads the nation in COVID-19 numbers, accounting for 19% and 14% of all reported infections and deaths respectively. Globally, the pandemic is expected to kill more than 5 million people.

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