Georgia Holds Title for Most Public Schools Named After US Confederate Leaders 

By: ShaCamree Gowdy 

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) recently updated its Whose Heritage? database and found 100 more schools across the country that glorify Confederate leaders, with the highest number coming out of Georgia. 

Georgia currently has 45 public schools named after Confederate leaders, followed by 40 in Texas and 22 in Alabama, per SPLC. 

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SPLC Chief of Staff Lecia Brooks is now urging all 198 “live” Confederate-honoring schools to alter their names, and says she will continue to urge the Cobb County School Board to listen to student activists who are leading the effort. 

“This state is filled with worthy Georgians whose names schools would be proud to carry, but at least 45 of Georgia’s public schools stand firmly on the wrong side of history,” Brooks said in a statement. “Adding insult to injury, many of these namesake schools are located in communities serving a majority of People of Color, honoring men that denied them an equal education. What lessons does this teach our children?” 

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At least 80 of the 198 schools listed as live in the database are named after a county or town that honors a Confederate leader. 

A total of 85 schools named after Confederate leaders have closed or been renamed.

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