GOP Rep. Patricia Morgan Tweets That She Lost Black Friend to CRT

In Summary

The Rhode Island state representative defended her tweet as she said she “didn’t think it was controversial.”

The ongoing culture war on the issue of critical race theory is a never-ending topic. Now, Rhode Island state Rep. Patricia Morgan is getting a lot of heat because she said the topic ended her friendship, according to The Washington Post

“I had a black friend. I liked her and I think she liked me, too. But now she is hostile and unpleasant. I am sure I didn’t do anything to her, except be white,” she said on Twitter. “Is that what teachers and our political leaders really want for our society? Divide us because of our skin color?” She then added #CRT to the end of her controversial tweet. 

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Morgan, who co-sponsored a bill that would have restricted the way schools teach about race in American history, was met with backlash from Democrats and Republicans over her comments. 

The Black Lives Matter Rhode Island PAC has called for her to be removed from her committees, according to The Washington Post. 

“This comment is offensive and deeply insulting to the Black and Brown community. If @repmorgan truly believed we shouldn’t be divided by our skin color, she wouldn’t have made this divisive of a comment, along with the many other similar comments she has made in the past,” the BLM movement tweeted

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Morgan’s comments led to a hashtag called #IHadAWhiteFriend as a result of her tweet, with commentators sharing their experiences between Black and white people. 

She stood by her tweet, stating “I am sad that there are so many people in our society today that think that it’s not sad, that think that it’s a reason to criticize me because I am sad that our country is being pulled back into racial strife, instead of searching for real solutions to the issues.”

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