Group Leading Effort to Add More Women, People of Color to GOP

In Summary

An initiative by the Republican State Leadership Committee is working to diversify the GOP by adding more women and people of color. 

The Right Leaders Network launched by the Republican State Leadership Committee is on a mission to grow and diversify the GOP.  

According to the Associated Press, the goal of the program is “prioritizing electing more women, as well as candidates from communities of color and diverse backgrounds.”  

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Former state-level politicians who moved on to higher political positions will mentor up-and-coming members of the party. The group’s advisory council includes Senator Marc Rubio, Senator Tim Scott and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.  

The committee’s president, Dee Duncan, told the Associated Press he’s proud of the people involved. “We are incredibly proud of the collection of trailblazers who have agreed to participate in the Right Leaders Network, and I know they will be critical in our continued mission to elect candidates all across the country that better represent the communities they serve,” he said.  

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The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee spokeswoman said the effort is laughable, citing that 40% of Democratic state legislators are people of color while only 2% are on the GOP side.  

“This effort is laughable coming from a group who supports Republican lawmakers that have passed voter suppression laws targeting communities of color, employed radical racial gerrymandering to win majorities, and banned abortions after 6 weeks,” she said. “To say they have work to do is an understatement, but the real issue is their racist and anti-women policies.”  

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