Haiti Getting New Prime Minister as Nation Continues Search for Stability

By: Alyssa Wilson

Claude Joseph, Haiti’s Acting Prime Minister, is stepping down from the role as the country’s leader and handing power to rival Ariel Henry.  

According to CNN, this comes after days of negotiations between the two men over who should lead the nation. Moïse’s assassination put pressure on Haiti’s crumbling political structure.  

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Henry will now serve as Haiti’s prime minister, and Joseph will go back to his original role as the country’s foreign minister, according to Elections Minister Mathias Pierre. “Negotiations about the composition of the rest of government are still in course, there is no official announcement as of now,” he said.  

A ministers’ council will be held on Monday afternoon, and Henry is set to be installed Tuesday. The former neurologist was named prime minister on July 5 by President Moïse just days before the assassination, but he was never officially sworn into office.  

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Henry released his first statement on Moïse’s assassination on Sunday, saying, “My fellow Haitians in Haiti and in the diaspora, it is an honor for me to address you as your prime minister. I am calling for all of us to unite and to work together to stop the nation from descending into the abyss,” he said, according to CNN. 

Core Group, a set of foreign ambassadors and representatives in Haiti, called on Henry to be the leader of the nation. The group said Henry should form a new government and organize presidential elections “as quickly as possible.”  

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Elections are likely to be held 120 days after Henry is officially sworn in as the nation’s prime minister.  

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