Hampton University appeals accreditation standing


By Alyssa Camacho

The Hampton University School of Pharmacy’s accreditation status has been restored upon its administration filing an appeal.

Tuesday afternoon news broke that the university’s accreditation had been revoked by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education. Dean Anand Iyer sent a letter via e-mail to students and faculty informing them of the news following an article being published by the Daily Press.

According to reports the ACPE’s board of directors decided to revoke the school’s accreditation in January. The council restored their status Wednesday as a start to their appeal process.

“I am aggressively pursing our right to appeal the ACPE Board’s decision,” says Iyer in his letter.

The initial accreditation withdrawal was due to the school’s progression and test assessments evalutions not meeting the ACPE’s standards.

According to the ACP, the progression standards is aligned with the criteria and procedures that are related to academic progression, remediation, academic probation and dismissal, readmission and more. The school are required by the accrediting body to have policies in place that monitor student’s performance to detect early on any academic or behavioral issues. They are to also develop and implement the appropriate interventions for students and have the potential for a successful resolution to the identified issues.

All PharmD programs are judged based upon two sets of assessment elements: educational outcomes as well as structure and process. Certain assessment elements were cited in the withdrawal.

The school’s administration says they will adopting a “teach-out” plan. This plan will allow the graduating classes of 2020-2023 to graduate from an ACPE Accredited status program since those student enrolled in the program while it was still accredited.

In his letter Dean Iyer praises his program by stating that their program is the number 1 producers of African American Pharmacist in the state of Virginia.

Hampton’s school of Pharmacy has been placed on accredited probation since the 2017-2018 academic school year. The ACPE deemed them partially compliant in some accreditation standards over the last few years.

Letter from Dean Iyer to students and faculty.