HBCU Sports Drum Up Nearly a Billion Dollars in Exposure

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HBCU sports has the potential to bring in a billion dollars in exposure due to recent successes nationally and internationally. 

In terms of exposure, HBCU sports could make upwards of a billion dollars due to successes in their athletic programs. 

In a report from The Undefeated, three universities (North Carolina A&T, Norfolk State and Texas Southern) combined make nearly three-fourths of $1 billion in exposure. The report estimates a large portion comes from N.C. A&T and their Track & Field success this year. 

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The spotlight remained over the NCAA national championship team after they sent nearly a dozen athletes to the Olympic trials, four of whom went on to compete in the Olympics. 

Sprinters Trevor Stewart and Randolph Ross Jr returned with two golds and a bronze from the Tokyo Olympics. 

In the report, N.C. A&T economics professor Cephas B. Naanwaab estimated the value of the Aggies’ track exposure to be “in the low- to mid-hundreds… $200 million to $600 million.” 

 Naanwaab explains the difficulty in measuring values because of various differing variables. 

 “The challenge stems from not having the relevant data. We will need to know several data points: how many media ads featured A&T athletes, what is the viewership/readership of those media, what is the potential increase in enrollments resulting from this exposure, as well as increased philanthropic and alumni giving to the university,” Naanwaab commented. 

Last spring’s March Madness success with Texas Southern and Norfolk State having First Four victories marked the first time that teams won games in the same tournament. 

Professor of sports management at Texas Southern, J. Kenyatta Cavil, gave his assessment to The Undefeated on estimated revenue at TSU. 

“My analysis estimated Texas Southern University received between $90 million to $100 million in value for participating and winning an opening-round game in the 2021 NCAA tournament,” Cavil’s assessment read. 

Cavil continues by adding his analysis was based on the average cost of a 30-second TV commercial during the NCAA Men’s Division I basketball tournament. 

Cavil, like others in the HBCU, believe exposure is very important in this current point in time. 

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