House Passes Social Spending and Climate Bill

In Summary

On Nov. 19, House Democrats passed their big spending bill with a 220-213 vote.

House Democrats passed their huge social spending and climate plan on Nov. 19 with a 220-213 vote, according to The Hill. It is a significant milestone for the party before the Thanksgiving break and gives President Joe Biden a victory at a time when he needs it. 

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This news came almost a day after House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy caused a delay because of a speech he gave. For over eight hours, he spoke passionately about how this legislation would send the country into an economic disaster. 

As a result, Democratic leaders shed their plan to vote on the night of Nov. 18 but reconvened to pass the roughly $2 trillion bill as it was almost along party lines. In order to advance the bill, it would require many centrist lawmakers, who are concerned about the country’s rising debt, to provide their support as the package would add approximately $160 billion to the deficit over the next decade, according to The Hill. 

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The assessment from the Congressional Budget Office didn’t live up to President Biden’s promise that the legislation would be fully paid for. This led to a debate on how much the bill would cost in total, according to The Hill. 

Despite all that, Democrats moved ahead to pass popular legislation in the midst of growing inflation, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and poor performances in state elections such as the Virginia governor’s race, which could impact the 2022 midterms, according to The Hill. 

The legislation includes child care subsidies, universal preschool, paid family leave and refined Obamacare subsidies. 

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