Jashyah Moore Found Safe in New York City

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Acting Essex County Prosecutor Theodore N. Stephens said in a press release that the 14-year-old was safely found in New York City.

UPDATE: Nov. 11, 2021 9:43 p.m. EST

After almost a month since 14-year-old Jashyah Moore was reported missing in East Orange, New Jersey, there are new developments in her case. 

She has been found safely in New York City, giving much-needed comfort to her family. 

“Jashyah is currently safe and is being provided all appropriate services. She will be returned to NJ  shortly. No additional information is available at this time,” said Acting Essex County Prosecutor Theodore N. Stephens in a press release

Stephens added that he will hold a press conference at 11:00 a.m. on Nov. 12 at the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office. 

Jashyah Moore has been missing since October and her family is pleading for answers.  

The 14-year-old was last seen on Oct. 14 at 10 a.m. at Poppies Deli Store, located at 520 Central Avenue in East Orange, New Jersey. During a press conference, law enforcement officials said Moore was initially reported as a runaway, which caused a lot of confusion.   

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The teen walked three blocks from her East Orange home to run an errand and never returned home. Authorities say she was sent by her mother to retrace her steps after losing the family’s debit card. She was last seen at the deli, where a good Samaritan paid for her items. That man has been identified and cooperated with authorities.  

A $20,000 reward is being offered for information regarding her whereabouts. “She’s a life worth saving. Certainly, a person worth finding and to her family, we definitely want them to understand that we are really turning over every stone we can and we want to make sure that they remain hopeful, ” Essex County Prosecutor Theodore Stephens said. 

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Every day, the teen’s family stands outside of the deli where she was last seen holding posters and signs with her name on it. “Jashiyah, if you are anywhere, we are not mad at you,” her aunt Yolanda said. “We are not upset with you, darling.”  

BNC spoke with Moore’s family about their search for the missing 14-year-old. “My daughter would never never not call me,” Jashyah’s mother Jamie Moore told BNC’s Astrid Martinez. “My daughter would never stay out overnight. I never for one second would say she was a runaway or missing.”  

Jamie Moore believes her daughter was abducted and she maintains her daughter would not run away. “She didn’t go. She ain’t missing. Somebody got my daughter,” she said. “Please come home Shyah. We miss you.”  

Officials with the prosecutor’s office confirmed Moore’s stepfather is a former East Orange police officer, but they would not comment on reports that she was set to testify against him in a domestic violence case.  

A prayer vigil will be held outside of East Orange City Hall on Friday at 5:30 p.m.  

Authorities are urging residents to be aware and report any information to the East Orange Police Department. Anyone with information about Moore and her disappearance should call East Orange police at 973-266-5041 or 973-266-5030.   

If you or someone you know is struggling from trauma triggered by this story, resources are available here.   

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