Jill Scott Considers Leaving the US to Protect Her Black Son

In Summary

Singer and actress Jill Scott considers leaving the U.S. in fear of raising her son around a racially charged climate. 

Grammy Award-winning singer and actress Jill Scott is contemplating leaving the U.S. for fear of her son’s safety. 

In an interview on Jemele Hill’s podcast Unbothered, the singer expresses her concerns about raising her Black 12-year-old son in the country amidst the nation’s racial climate. 

“It’s terrifying because it doesn’t matter if you have, or you don’t. All that matters is that you’re Brown. That’s it,” Scott said. 

Wanting to ensure her son has the best opportunity for a happy, healthy life, Scott has already started looking at other countries. She was most interested in Holland, touting the health care and overall mood of people living there. 

“We like Holland. They chilling,” Scott told Hill. “They have great health care; they ride their bikes everywhere … people are pretty fit.”

Her 12-year-old is currently saving up to buy a car when he turns 16 years old, which causes even more uneasiness in the singer’s heart. 

“Just to know that he will be on the road, just to know that he will be away from people that love him in a world that will decide whether he’s guilty of something because he’s Brown,” she said.

She is also very impressed with their educational system; the Netherlands has one of the top school systems in the world, according to multiple surveys. 

Currently, she and her family are Nashville residents, but Scott says if it doesn’t work there, she will definitely be making that move. 

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