Lisa Simpson speaks out against Black Lives Matter for ‘hidden agenda’

By: Alyssa Wilson

Richard Risher was shot and killed by officers with the Los Angeles Police Department in 2016. 

At the age of 18 years old, Risher was fatally shot after shooting at police officers, the Los Angeles Times reported. 

The officers were not wearing body cameras and Risher’s family dispute the claims that he shot at officers. 

Lisa Simpson, Risher’s mother, has been fighting for justice since her son’s death. 

Simpson has been critical of the Black Lives Matter movement along with Samaria Rice, whose son Tamir Rice was shot and killed by police in 2014.

Rice and Simpson released a statement on various activists and the Black Lives Matter Global Network. 

In the statement, she and Rice called for multiple people, including Ben Crump, Tamika D. Mallory and Patrisse Cullors, to step down and “stop monopolizing and capitalizing our fight for justice and human rights.” 

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“We don’t want or need y’all parading in the streets accumulating donations, platforms, movie deals, etc. off the death of our loved ones, while the families and communities are left clueless and broken. Dont’s say our loved ones’ names period! That’s our truth!”

Simpson joined Black News Tonight with Marc Lamont Hill to discuss her continued search for answers. 

She said she met the Los Angeles chapter of Black Lives Matter after her son was killed. After a confrontation with them, she said she learned that they received money in the name of her son. 

“It’s just sad that they came into this face with the wrong intentions. They took advantage of us mothers and fathers because we were vulnerable because the police killed our children,” she said. 

Speaking on Cullors specifically, she said it’s upsetting to see the Black Lives Matter co-founder say they are easy to contact when she’s been trying to connect with them for five years. 

“You’re buying homes and you say you buying them for your family, but your family is still alive, but our children are dead. They’re never coming back,” she said. “And everybody is attacking me and I’m a mother because I’m telling the truth. I’m not lying on these people.”

Simpson said it is bigger than the money and more about the principle. 

She said she’s fighting an entity that joined the movement with a “hidden agenda.” 

“Black Lives Matter has made this into a money game. Everybody is about money,” she said. 

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