Local Atlanta High School is Given Free In-School Grocery Store

In Summary

Social entrepreneur Jasmine Crowe and rapper Gunna donated a store to Ronald McNair High School for students who need clothing, shoes and food. 

Ronald McNair High School received a large donation of a new GoodrCo store which will allow students who need food, clothes and shoes to shop there. The donation came from alum rapper Sergio “Gunna” Kitchens who was raised in College Park, GA and social entrepreneur Jasmine Crowe.  

This new GoodrCo will be owned by the school and Jasmine Crowe. GoodrCo will service the entire 900 students who attend the school as well as their families.  

“This is the thing I said I was going to do when I got in a position to do it,” Gunna told WSB-TV cameras. “It just makes me feel like a better person. It just makes feel like I’m doing what needs to be done for my community.”  

The GoodrCo company was born out of social entrepreneur Jasmine Crowe’s desire to help out underserved communities and end world hunger with the food America throws away.  

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“Hunger isn’t scarcity issue. It’s a logistical issue. There is enough food to go around. The problem is that many restaurants and corporations don’t know what to do with all of their surplus food at the end of the day and they haven’t figured out a true surplus food supply chain process,” Crowe said.  

The store officially opened on Thursday in a Title One school.  

“Imagine a parent between checks who can order dinner and breakfast for their family through our app and their child takes it home,” Crowe said. “I’m changing lives man, no one does it like me. Just wait.” 

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