Man Files $1 Million Lawsuit After Daughter’s Hair Cut Without Permission

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Jimmy Hoffmeyer has filed a $1 million lawsuit after his daughter's hair was cut two times in school without permission. 

A Michigan father whose daughter’s hair was cut in school without his permission has filed a $1 million lawsuit against the school district, a librarian and a teacher’s assistant. 

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Jimmy Hoffmeyer, who is Black and white, said his daughter Jurnee came home from school on March 24 with the hair on one side of her head cut off. Jurnee said one of her classmates used scissors to cut it on the bus, Hoffmeyer told Start Your Day hosts Sharon Reed and Mike Hill.  

After Jurnee’s hair was cut asymmetrical to fix it, Hoffmeyer said her hair was cut again by a staff member two days later. As he searched for answers, Hoffmeyer said the principal put a note about the incident in the teacher’s work file and had a conversation with the parents of the child who cut Jurnee’s hair the first time.  

“It makes us feel like we are not important,” Hoffmeyer said, who revealed at the time he considered moving his daughter out of the Mount Pleasant Public School system and into a private school.  

The lawsuit was filed in federal court in Grand Rapids against Mount Pleasant Public Schools on Tuesday, the Associated Press reported. It alleges the young biracial girl had her constitutional rights violated and faced racial discrimination, ethnic intimidation, intentional infliction of emotional distress and assault and battery.  

The lawsuit says the district “failed to properly train, monitor, direct, discipline, and supervise their employees, and knew or should have known that the employees would engage in the complained-of behavior given the improper training, customs, procedures, and policies, and the lack of discipline that existed for employees.”  

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The Mount Pleasant Public Schools Board of Education said the staff member who cut Jurnee’s hair was investigated and reprimanded. It was also revealed that two other employees knew about the situation and did not report it. All three have since apologized, according to the Associated Press.  

As part of a third-party investigation into the incident, district personnel, students and families were interviewed, and the investigators concluded there was no racial bias. Hoffmeyer said he and his daughter were never questioned and he has since put her in a new school.  

“We are confident that the facts will prevail given our district’s appropriate and aggressive response to the incident and the findings of the third-party investigation that was conducted,” said Mount Pleasant Public Schools Board of Education president Amy Bond. “We will aggressively defend against these baseless allegations in court and will not allow this to distract us from our mission to provide every child a world-class education that prepares them for college and careers.”  

If you or someone you know is struggling from trauma triggered by this story, resources are available here.  

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