Merck Asks FDA To Authorize Pill Treating COVID-19

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If approved, it will be the first pill shown to treat the deadly coronavirus that has killed more than 700,000 Americans.

Merck, the multinational pharmaceutical giant, is requesting U.S. regulators to authorize its pill, to treat COVID-19, according to the Associated Press

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If the Food and Drug Administration approves molnupiravir it would be the first-ever pill shown to treat the deadly disease. The pill is designed for people who are sick due to the coronavirus and Merck said that the pill decreases the possibility of hospitalization and death by 50%, according to the New York Times

“With these compelling results, we are optimistic that molnupiravir can become an important medicine as part of the global effort to fight the pandemic and will add to Merck’s unique legacy of bringing forward breakthroughs in infectious diseases when they are needed most, Merck president Robert M. Davis said in a news release. “Consistent with Merck’s unwavering commitment to save and improve lives, we will continue to work with regulatory agencies on our applications and do everything we can to bring molnupiravir to patients as quickly as possible.” 

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This pill, along with the vaccine, will prop up the two-pronged approach to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, AP reported. 

Despite the optimism regarding Merck’s pill, health officials, such as Dr. Anthony Fauci, are still recommending people to get the vaccine. 

“It is always better not to get infected than to get infected and rely on a drug to protect you from getting advanced disease,” Dr. Fauci told CNBC Television

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This news comes at a time when over 700,000 Americans have died due to COVID-19. 

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