Methodist University Suspends Sorority Following ‘Racist’ Presentation

In Summary

Methodist University in Fayetteville, North Carolina has been suspended indefinitely after a “funny” presentation from one of its members.

A Methodist University sorority has found itself in the hot seat after a photo depicting a white woman standing in front of a giant screen with the faces of four Black football players and the phrase “large nostrils” went viral, per The Fayetteville Observer’s Myron B. Pitts

According to students and comments on social media, the presentation was during an Alpha Delta Pi Theta Epsilon chapter meeting. It was about topics the speaker found unattractive, including the African American dreadlock hairstyle and other physical characteristics. 

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Beth Wright, a spokesperson for Alpha Delta Pi’s national offices in Atlanta, said on Friday, the student’s membership had been suspended as well as the sorority’s Theta Epsilon chapter at Methodist. 

“Alpha Delta Pi was outraged and deeply saddened to learn of the racist behavior of a member of our Theta Epsilon chapter at Methodist University,” she said. “Sorority staff and volunteers are working directly with chapter members to learn more and provide support to those who have been harmed, and we are grateful for Methodist University’s partnership and professional resources available to students. Racism has no place in our sisterhood, and we will continue to work for inclusive spaces and restorative justice in our chapters, on our campuses, and in our communities.” 

The university also shared a statement to its Facebook page regarding the incident.

A junior cheerleader who did not want to be identified said many people on campus, particularly Black students, were angry, unhappy and offended, especially since the lecture targeted fellow students. She added that members of the school’s Black Student Union are working hard to keep the matter from being swept under the rug. 

According to Ta-Quez Harrell, vice president of the Greek Council at Methodist, a student disrupted a Black Lives Matter event in Connecticut last year by weaving through the crowd, brandishing a Trump flag and “screaming stuff.” “They didn’t do anything about that, either,” Harrell said, adding that officials claimed they were powerless since the incident happened off-campus. 

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Officials said that wasn’t the case and they “addressed it internally to the extent that it was covered by our policies and rules for conduct.” 

The university has since launched an investigation into an incident, though it is not confirmed if it’s related to what happened during the sorority meeting.

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