Michael Strahan Will Fly Into Space

In Summary

“I believe that this is the way of being innovative, creative, pioneers in aviation, now space travel,” said Strahan.

Television host Michael Strahan will be aboard Blue Origin’s next flight to space later on this year, ABC News reported.  

The flight is scheduled for a 9 a.m. CT liftoff on Thursday, Dec. 9, from the company’s “Launch Site One” facility in West Texas.  

Strahan’s journey to space began with the host covering a story in Texas on Blue Origin’s first human launch in July, an experience he described as “mind-blowing.”  

After the story was complete, Blue Origin offered him a chance to be a crew member and Strahan responded with yes “without hesitation.” 

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“I believe that this is the way of being innovative, creative, pioneers in aviation, now space travel,” said Strahan. “And it’s going to take a while but I do believe that it will bring a lot of technological breakthroughs and also innovations to us here on Earth, and I just want to be a part of it.” 

Strahan was measured for his flight suit and tested out a flight seat two weeks ago. The television host spoke with his fellow crew members over Zoom and the crew will train together the week of the launch.  

“To see the excitement to do this, to come together, you really feel like you’re part of a great team,” said Strahan. 

For Strahan’s participation in this flight to space, he will be given a stipend which is being donated to The Boys & Girls Club.  

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