Missing Ugandan Weightlifter Has Been Found

Julius Ssekitoleko said he wanted to stay in Japan and work


FILE - In this March 17, 2021, file photo, people walk past the Olympic rings in Tokyo. The Tokyo Olympics open in under four months, and the torch relay has begun to crisscross Japan with 10,000 runners. Organizers say they are mitigating the risks, but many medial expert aren't convinced.(AP Photo/Koji Sasahara)
By Briasia Russ

Julius Ssekitoleko, the Ugandan athlete who left during his pre-Olympic training, has been found. The athlete left a note that said he didn’t want to return back to his country and wanted to stay in Japan to work.  

According to NBC, Ssekitoleko did not meet Olympic standards in the latest international rankings released after he arrived in Japan and was set to go back home this week. Mie Prefectural Police in Japan reported that the athlete was in Yokkaichi when he left his luggage and a note behind.  

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Despite the growing infections of COVID-19 in Japan, the Olympics are set to open Friday. As reported by NBC, when the Ugandan team arrived, a team member tested positive and quarantined. The eight other members were eligible to travel. 

A few days later, another member tested positive which resulted in the those who had any close contact with the team members to quarantine. Isolation ended July 7th for the members and they are on their way to the Olympics, leaving Ssekitoleko behind.