NAACP Calls for Meeting With Mark Zuckerberg Over Facebook Concerns

In Summary

The president of the NAACP is calling for a meeting with Mark Zuckerberg to discuss hate speech and misinformation on Facebook.  

The NAACP is calling for a meeting with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to discuss its concerns with hate speech on the platform.  

This comes after former Facebook employee Frances Haugen spoke with 60 Minutes saying the platform knowingly operates to spread misinformation, hate speech and violence. Shortly after, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp experienced a widespread outage which lasted several hours.  

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Derrick Johnson, the NAACP’s president, criticized Facebook’s alleged behavior. “Vaccine hesitation, political violence and white supremacy are rampant,” he said, according to Bloomberg News. “Profiting on hate and disinformation is sickening and evil.”  

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The organization, along with Color of Change, Free Press and the Anti-Defamation League, led a boycott of Facebook in July of 2020, The Hill reported. They met virtually with Zuckerberg and said they left feeling unconvinced the platform was committed to tackling issues surrounding “vitriolic hate.”  

“We urged Mark Zuckerberg to address these issues over a year ago, but in our meeting, he simply danced around the severity of his company’s failures, showing no interest in taking action,” Johnson said. “We’ve since experienced an insurrection, election disinformation has brainwashed a significant portion of the country, and COVID falsehoods are spreading as rapidly as new variants are.”  

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