Namibian Runners Testosterone Test Results Were Supposed to Stay Confidential

By Briasia Russ

After two Namibian teens Christine Mboma and Beatrice Masilingi were pulled from the Tokyo Olympic 400-meter race for high testosterone levels, it has been reported that their test results should have remained confidential.  

As reported by All Africa, this is an invasion of their right to privacy and to the confidentiality of their health records.  

According to Blavity, Abner Xoagub, the president of Namibia’s National Olympic Committee, mentioned a deal that was made to keep the records confidential. Unfortunately, World Athletics broke the deal by releasing the information to the public.  

Xoagub also mentions that further testing was going to be done with World Athletics and they would provide the results with the Namibian committee. Instead, the two runners were removed from the Tokyo Olympic 400-meter race list.  

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“Throughout our communication, we agreed that we will treat this with the respect and confidentiality it deserves because of its sensitivity, but World Athletics did not take that into consideration,” Xoagub said. 

Xoagub believes that the runners were only pulled from the 400-meter because they set national and international records, not because of the test results.  

Although the runners were banned from the 400-meter race, they are still participating in the 100-meter race.  

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